Debbie!My last name used to be Mowinkel, but the kids all called me Bullwinkle, Rocky’s cartoon sidekick. That’s where the name Moose started, and after many years of 4H, the Quilted Moose wasn’t far behind.

I opened the Moose in 2000, and after 17 years I still love buying, displaying, and selling fabric. Our store is always close to exploding with over 8000 bolts, and we try to jam in a few more for you to look at.   Sign up for our Moose Tracks newsletter or check our blog to be the first to see them.

We carry the largest selection of batiks, Japanese taupes, and flannels in eastern Nebraska. If you’re desperate to find more of a treasured fabric, we will do our best to help – or substitute. Just give us a call or send an email.

We hold a semi-annual event called Mooseketeers; part show-and-tell, part demo session, and part party, Mooseketeers is where we introduce the new books, kits, and patterns we’re excited about. So keep an eye out in the spring and fall for the next ta-dah moment at Mooseketeers.

The Quilted Moose itself is a crazy quilt of fabric bolts, samples, accessories, kits, classes, and a very quilt-smart staff to help you embrace your passion for quilting. Browse our website, but make it a point to come and see us. We’ll leave the Ott light on for you!

~Debbie Roberts