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Growing up, my last name was Mowinkel, a good name of German origin. My great-grandfather came here as a child with his mother and siblings, most of their town in Germany had burnt down and they came to find a new life in Nebraska. Mowinkel? As you can imagine growing up in the 60s and 70s, the kids called me Bullwinkle, always asking...where's Rocky? I never took offense, people remember your name when it's unique. When trying to decide on a name for the shop, the Mowinkel/Bullwinkle thing kept coming around. I thought why not? And, that’s where the Moose started.

I opened the Moose in 2000, and after 20 years I still love buying, displaying, designing with and selling fabric. With over 7000 bolts of quilt shop only fabrics, our store is always close to exploding. Yet, we’re always trying to jam in a few more bolts for you to check out. Sign up for our Moose Tracks newsletter or check our blog to be the first to see them.

We carry the latest and greatest fabric lines, keep Christmas and Halloween fabrics all year round, have a large children's selection and the most flannels you will find anywhere in Nebraska. If you like the Japanese taupe look, or reproduction fabrics...we have those too.

We hold a semi-annual event called Mooseketeers Club; part show-and-tell, part demo session, and part party. The big brown UPS truck arrives almost daily with something new, it's like Christmas around here when those boxes arrive. We select our favorites and get busy making new samples. Mooseketeers is where we introduce those samples, with new kits, books and patterns. So, keep an eye out in the spring and fall for the next ta-dah moment at our Mooseketeers event. 

The Quilted Moose itself is a crazy quilt of fabric bolts, samples, accessories, kits, classes, and a very quilt-smart staff to help you embrace your passion for quilting. Browse our website, but make it a point to come and see us. We’ll leave the Ott light on for you!

~Debbie Roberts


As the Quilted Moose celebrates the traditional hand-work and machine piecing that we all love, we cherish the very heart of our home and our family. As a small business, staffed by a limited number of employees, we often need to balance the shop hours with our families' priorities. When faced with a conflict, the Quilted Moose, consistently honors family needs.

September 2023 marks our 23rd year in business and with that milestone some changes are being made.  The pandemic opened our eyes to how short life can be and the preciousness of family and friends.  I have decided to close the shop on Mondays and Tuesdays...going to a 4 day work week.  This will allow me to spend more time with family (my husband is retiring this year) and also, I hope to have time to do more designing.  We understand that this can be an inconvenience. On occasion, we may close for a weekday or weekend day because of a conflict. At any time during the year that you may be planning a visit to the Moose; I encourage you to give us a call (402.332.4178). We would hate to miss you and we want to be available to help you with your quilting needs.

We hope you will become or continue to be part of our extended family and understand and share our priorities.