Bakers Dozen BOM #2 Jen Kingwell

Dear Friends,

The fabric packet for Bakers Dozen BOM #2, Hand of Friendship Star is now available.

You will be making 8 – 6″ Hand of Friendship Star Blocks. The instructions for these blocks start on page 7 of the Bakers Dozen pattern booklet.  You will note that we are not making the blocks in the order that they appear in the pattern booklet. We are trying to build up your ‘stash’ of fabrics required to make the center medallion blocks, 4 – 8 Pointed Star Blocks. So, make sure that you are saving your leftover pieces of fabric for future blocks.

If you are familiar with Jen Kingwell and her designs you know that she uses acrylic templates with her patterns; especially, for hand piecing. If you have never had the opportunity to use her acrylic templates you may want to give them a try with this BOM, even if you are machine piecing. We have several participants using the acrylic templates to cut out their fabric pieces instead of making their own from sheets of template plastic; when needed. The templates are designed with registration holes and blunt corners. Seam allowances are included in the template measurement. The blunt corners are especially helpful when lining up two fabric pieces for sewing. The templates are see through for fussy cutting. Instructions include the template number required for each specific block. We still have some Bakers Dozen template packets available if you are interested.

I encourage you to play with color and fabric textures as you make your Bakers Dozen blocks. “Moose It Up” with some of your favorite fabrics. If you are working on another project try incorporating several pieces of fabrics from that project into this quilt. Think of this quilt as a fabric ‘diary’ for a time in your quilting journey.

Happy Stitching,