Pitter Patter of Baby Mooses

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Last Saturday was our Baby Mooses event and we had a ball! The crib was all decked out with a new baby line called Hello, World by Cori Dantini for Blend fabrics. It goes really nicely with a bunch of Sweetwater fabrics, too. And we didn’t forget the boys! The Oink-A-Doodle-Moo line by Jenn Ski for Moda is […]

Joyful Noises

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Last night was our annual Moosette-Holiday-Get-Together, or bi-annual since we got snowed out last year. Anyway! After reading the posts from the Moda blog’s 12 Days of Joy, we asked the Moosettes to do the same thing; write about joy. Brace yourselves, there was wine with our cookies, so we may get sappy. Debbie: My […]

Mooseketeer Carols

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We have a number of Christmas projects for Mooseketeers this weekend. This inspired one of our Moosettes to start singing Christmas carols while wrapping up the pretty quilt kits (cough, Anneliese, cough). Debbie promptly said, “I can’t handle thinking about Christmas right now!!” So the Moosette decided to tweak the carol. Sung to the tune […]

Good Penmanship Still Counts

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Wednesday was the official release of our new book, Baskets, Birds, and Boughs. We had a pretty good time, for lack of a better word, launching it! Most of the Moosettes who created projects for the book, were in attendance pens in hand, ready to start signing. Karyl was off in California, doing some condor spotting. […]

Moose Gabs

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We’ve decided to have a little game to go along with the Baskets, Birds, and Boughs book release. If any of you are familiar with the game Mad Gabs, we’ve decided to do our own version, Moose Gabs. Moose Gabs goes like this; a string of words make no sense together until you say them out loud. Once […]

We’re A Tease, We Know

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Just because we couldn’t contain ourselves any longer, we’re going to start sharing some things from our new book! Each day we will unveil a sliver of something new and exciting from the book on Instagram. So make sure you keep up and follow us on there. You might just see your new favorite project! […]

To the Kit Cave!

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Have you ever wondered what 8,000 yards of fabric looks like? Well, here goes: Kind of scary, right? We just got the Prairie Rose fabric from Andover. Now we can start on kits for the shops doing our Block of the Month program. We are donning our capes and (quilting) utility belts, and away we […]

Be Cool, Stay in School

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Today was the first day of market, which of course means school house. While school house isn’t technically part of market, it’s like the music that starts before the football team takes the field. Everybody gets ramped up and ready to go. School house is set up as a bunch of half hour or less […]

Why Did the Moose Get On the Plane?

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It mitre something to do with Quilt Market in Portland, of course! We are very excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on these past couple of weeks! Debbie will give details about the Prairie Rose block of the month at Jo Morton’s schoolhouse as well as show some extra goodies. More on that […]