Pattern Corrections

Prairie Rose Grand Block Cutting Instructions

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On the bottom of the Grand Block Cutting Instructions, the sku number of this fabric is wrong. The Gold Lace fabric number is 7226-RO. Prairie Rose Grand Block Yellow Vine Cutting Instructions Prairie Rose Grand Block Gold Lace Cutting Instructions  

Prairie Rose Diagram Correction

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The line drawing for the assembly of the grand block of Prairie Rose was incorrect; the bottom section was rotated with the star points facing outward. All of your star points should be facing inward. Below is a link to a pdf of the correct diagram. Please print and use as a reference when assembling your […]

Dash Away All Correction

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In the Dash Away All pattern from the book Baskets, Birds and Boughs, there are corrections for the pieced border. Page 65 Inner and Outer Borders Cutting Instructions In the right hand column under the heading Inner and Outer Borders Cutting Instructions the second and third bullets should read: Inner border From the inner border light and cornerstone […]