Christmas is Coming to the Quilted Moose!

Hello Friends!

Christmas might be 6 months away (only 194 shopping days left folks) but if you’re a quilter, and I suspect you might be lol,  then you know that now is when we start looking at all of those lovely green and red fabrics to start the quilts that we’ll display and give away in December.  Lucky for you, the Moose is starting to see some of our new Christmas lines arrive in the store – which means you need to come in to get those Christmas quilts started! It also means that new samples need to be sewn so that we can show you some amazing ways to use those new fabrics!

Now, I’ve only worked here at the Moose for just over a month, I’ve only really been quilting for about a year. So, I was hesitant to volunteer to make something to hang on the walls here at the Moose (next to so many amazing quilts made by incredibly talented quilters) but I just couldn’t help myself.  Last week we started cutting fabric for a kit the we have in the works for our annual Mooseketeer event and it was all Sweetwater fabric (I loooove Sweetwater fabric) and the photo of the quilt was adorable!! I wanted it… I wanted to get my grubby little fingers on it all as quickly as I could,  so asked Debbie if I could PLEASE (insert my whiny voice here) PRETTY PLEASE make the sample for the store.  After a split second look of doubt (Debbie has listened to my 1001 questions about quilting this last month after all) she asked if I could get it done in 3 weeks… “YES!” I responded (It was actually more of a “…Yes!??” but I digress) with another tiny look of doubt she agreed (insert Shauna’s happy dance here) I sorted out the fabric, making my giant stack of Sweetwater goodness, then Debbie handed me the pattern and sent me on my way!

I’ve decided that nothing motivates me more than a FIRM deadline… with the thought of running two businesses, working part-time at the Moose, planning for my son’s trip home at the end of the month and regular chores like cleaning and cooking (hahahaha… that last part is funny isn’t it? It’s even more funny if you knew me lol) I got home and got down to business right away.

Over the weekend I read my pattern, starched and ironed, cut and organized my pieces into the needed matching units and finished all of my half-square triangles… (using the AMAZING “What’s My Angle Tool” because honestly? Drawing lines on squares for 200 HST’s is sooo not in my timeline) and while I can’t show you the pattern or finished block (after all Mooseketeer items are apparently very hush-hush!) I can show you some of my “work in progress” pictures as well as some of the cute new Christmas fabrics that we have in the shop.  Better yet? Come on in to see them yourself!



My units are all cut and organized… ready to piece!

Wish me luck everyone… I’ve never finished a quilt top in 3 weeks, much less one that will be seen by so many people (just be kind to me when you see it on the wall later this year, will you? 🙂

Below are some of our new pre-cut Christmas fabrics, available to purchase both in store and online (but hurry, quantities are limited!)

Here are some of our bolts from the new lines (Sweetwater “Merry Starts Here”, Lella Boutique “Little Tree”, Urban Chics “Sweet Christmas” and Gingerbier “Merriment”


Looking for a quick and beautiful Christmas Quilt? A limited number of Lella Boutique’s “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” 56″ x 74″ panels are available both in store and online!  Simply add batting and backing and quilt, or add a border to increase the size a bit!

If you get this kit (or love making quick and easy half-square triangles, then pick up this wonderful little notion (it actually comes with TWO tools, one for your home machine and one to take with you to classes and retreats! Not sure how to use it? No problem at all, come on in and one of us will teach you how – it’s super easy!

Until next week friends!