Delilah Block of the Month #2 by Jen Kingwell

Dear Friends,

Block #2 for ‘Delilah’ template of the month/block of the month is now available for your sewing pleasure at the Moose.

By the time you finish these two blocks you will be experts at sewing curves; and, doing mitered corners.   It has been awhile since I stitched a mitered corner. But, I found that if you transfer the registration points from your templates to your fabric pieces, you shouldn’t have any problem with starting and stopping at the appropriate points for your miters.


You will notice this month that we chose a piece of fabric with flamingos. We were so excited to incorporate some whimsy into our fabric choices.   Did you know that flamingos are considered ‘social’ birds?  We quilters are social, too! Don’t you love hearing another quilter’s story, following a quilter on Instagram or Facebook, or telling another quilter your excitement when finding a new pattern or the perfect piece of fabric?

We have sold out of all of our spots for the ‘Delilah’ template of the month program.   Stay tuned for more opportunities to participate in a BOM or two at the ‘Moose’.

‘Til next week, make each day a pieceful day.

Best regards,