Hints, Tips and Tricks for ‘Delilah’ by Jen Kingwell

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to be one of the shops to participate in Jen Kingwell’s “Delilah” acrylic template of the month program!   We still have available spots to either purchase the monthly fabric kits and templates; or, the acrylics templates only .   Give us a call if you would like to reserve a spot 402.332.4178.  You can check our previous post from March 4 for additional information about the program.

I am honored that Deb has given me the opportunity to machine piece the “Delilah” quilt blocks for this block of the month.  And, she surprised me by suggesting that I take over the blog once a week to provide some ‘behind the scene’ fun we’re having at the Moose with this unique program from Jen Kingwell.

Delilah templates

As I started cutting out the first block; I was having a problem with the template sliding around on the fabric while using my 28mm rotary cutter.  Previously, I have purchased numerous products available for preventing your rulers from sliding on your fabric.   Most of those products I have abandoned because I was not happy with the results.   Since I am a social media lurker, aka junkie; I recently remembered reading about using clear breathable surgical tape on the back of your ruler. So, I stopped at one of the ‘corner’ pharmacies and picked up the suggested breathable tape.   The tape has a rough surface and tears in a start line and is easy to apply to the back of the acrylic templates.  I am impressed with the results!

We are also ‘testing’ the performance of the breathable tape on one of the fabric rulers we use at the counter every day to cut fabric.   The ruler is one that had the ‘roughness’ manufactured into the ruler.   But, over time, the roughness has worn off.   The breathable tape was applied about 4 weeks ago and it is still providing the ‘non slip grip’ that we need when we cut fabric.

Be sure to save your leftover fabric pieces from each monthly packet of fabric.   You will be using those pieces in upcoming blocks for “Delilah”.

If you have any questions as you start your “Delilah” journey be sure to give us a call so that we can help.

‘Til next week, make each day a pieceful day.

Best regards,