Fall Catch Up!

Hello Friends!

It’s been too long since I had a chance to catch up with you! Last week had me in Florida at the International Food and Wine Festival (Wow it was hot – I’m glad to be back in sweater weather!! lol) But the food was amazing (and the wine… well you can’t go wrong with wine!) It was a fun time away with my husband, but I’m so glad to be back!

So let’s catch up a bit shall we?  First things first… if you’re sewing along with Debbie and the Moose Mini Hourglasses (from Quiltmania magazine) then I have to show you Debbie’s latest borders (it’s amazing to me how the tiny improvised piecing looks so wonderfully scrappy and yet somehow planned as well!)

Don’t forget to share your small masterpieces either on our Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtags #MooseMiniHourglasses #MooseItUp #QuiltedMoose! Again Debbie has added one small pieced border all the way around and one simple border and cornerstones on the outside of that… Next on our list is to let you know that our long-arm quilting calendar is filling up quickly! Our turnaround time is currently standing at about 8 weeks and if you want your quilts by Christmas then you need to have them in to us no later than November 1!  Get busy sewing friends… less then 60 days until Christmas (shocking right?? or maybe not, the department stores make it look like it’s next week! and the Christmas commercials have begun, lol)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t update you on the latest blocks in our Fairhaven Block of the Month… they’re gorgeous! Month 5 just went out, but here are our two different Block 4’s… the first is on the dark background

and the second one is on the lovely lighter mochi linen… held up by it’s equally lovely creator Bev Barr!

Lastly I want to encourage any of you who may not have been into the store lately to stop by! Deb’s been busy hanging up the new samples following our recent Moosketeers event! The shop looks quite different with all our new pretty quilts up on the walls. Plus with Debbie’s return from Fall Quilt Market in Houston, it’s just a matter of time until we have new fabrics pouring in!! 😉

Until next time friends… smile, sew and stay happy!