MODA Sampler Block Shuffle Week #10

Dear Moose Friends,

This is the final week of 6-inch blocks for the MODA Sampler Block Shuffle.

When we received the materials for the MODA Sampler Block Shuffle we were provided with this definition:   shuffle [shuhf-uh l] – verb. To move (an object or objects) this way and that; to jumble together, mix, or interchange the positions of (objects)    

Besides having 30 lovely 6-inch quilt blocks to complete a quilt, I hope that you had some ‘aha’ moments participating in the MODA Sampler Block Shuffle.  During the past weeks you have had the opportunity to try new piecing techniques for making HST and flying geese units.   Did you find a new technique that you will continue to use or will you stick with your current piecing method?  We had the opportunity to ‘audition’ fabric placement and colors for each block unit.   Did you ‘stretch’ and try a new colorway?   Did you change the position of colors in the units for a block to try a new look?   For those of you that have never tried appliqué you had the opportunity to learn a new technique.

When we “Moose It Up” this is how we ‘shuffle’ our fabric choices and colors within a block to achieve a fabulous quilt in the end.   No matter how many years of experience you may have with piecing and making quilts you still go through the ‘shuffle’.  There are some blocks that I completed for the MODA Sampler Block Shuffle that after I made them I said “I should have….”.

I want to thank you for participating in the MODA Sampler Block Shuffle.   I hope that you are able to finish your blocks.   If you need help to determine the final quilt setting please stop by the Quilted Moose for suggestions.  We also have all the block patterns for the MODA Sampler Block Shuffle available with a purchase.    We love ‘show and tell’ at the shop.  Please stop by with your MODA Sampler blocks and/or quilts.

A big THANK YOU to MODA for providing this wonderful learning opportunity.

Blocks 28, 29 and 30





And a even bigger thank you to all of you playing along with us here at the Moose, on our blog and on Instagram!!!

Keep stitching,