Friendship Triangle Exchange Has a New Deadline

The Friendship Triangle Exchange has a deadline extension to Saturday August 24th.


And here’s why:

Mr. Moose was helping Mr. Laundry Basket Quilts load up the car with all the quilts and bags and goodies. They were talking and saying their adieus and in the midst of all that chatting, the bags with the triangles that Edyta was supposed to sign got left behind on the counter.

And they think we’re bad?

Since Edyta is going to be in Europe for the next two weeks, we can’t get them back from her any earlier so there’s no rush to get them done by the 10th. You have until the 24th to finish the ones you have and maybe even pick up some more, if you’re so inclined. For a little more explanation of twigs, just click here. We’re doing twigs that use Edyta’s prints, batiks, as well as a bunch of Jo Morton fabrics. Edyta loves to use Jo, and so do we!