“From Louise’s Garden” Sew Along Setting

Dear  Friends,

It is with bittersweet emotions that I compose this last blog for our “From Louise’s Garden” Sew Along.  I hope that you have enjoyed stitching this series as much as I have enjoyed designing each weekly block and the final instructions for the setting design.

The Moosettes and I have enjoyed looking at Grandma Louise’s journal, checking out the recipes and talking about what she was doing at a particular time of her life.   We shared stories about our own ‘journals’, started when we were first married, notebooks that contained our favorite recipes taped to the pages.   Unfortunately, we didn’t provide the ‘extra’ notes of what the weather was doing, what plants in the garden were starting to produce or how much we paid for a bushel of peaches. Grandma Louise has given us a great gift by jotting down in her journal those little notes of daily life on the farm.

We’ve talked here at the Moose about how we now go to several favorite sites on the internet for recipes.  Will our grand/greatgrand kiddos miss the stained pages of a journal?   Years ago, we were told, “computers will reduce the use/storage of paper”….they have indeed.   Will memories be lost?

I will be leaving a legacy of the quilts that I have made over the years.  Be sure to label your quilts so that future generations will know when and why the quilt was made.

We have made a few kits that contain the fabric for the final setting.   Stop in at the Quilted Moose or give us a call for your setting kit of From Louise’s Garden or “Moose It Up” with your own original design.

Enjoy the happy memories of your family as you finish your “From Louise’s Garden” quilt.

From Louise's Garden quilt
From Louise"s Garden detail

Finished Quilt Size:  31″ x 33″


for side setting triangles cut 1 | 8″ by WOF strip

subcut into 5 | 8″ squares, cut twice diagonally, you will have 2 triangles leftover

for corner setting triangles cut 1 | 4-1/2″ by WOF strip

submit into 6| 4-1/2″ squares, cut once diagonally

Using 4 of your sampler blocks, 6 setting triangles and 4 corner triangles sew a row together, repeat to make 3 rows

Measure your rows and cut 2 sashing strips to that length by 2-1/2″ wide

Sew rows together with sashing strips between

Cut 2 side border strips the same length as your sashing strips by 4-1/2″ wide.

Cut 4 border cornerstones | 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ square

Measure the width of your quilt center and cut 2 top and bottom border strips to that length by 4-1/2″ wide

Sew a cornerstone to each end of both the top and bottom border strips

Sew the side border strips to the quilt center, then sew top and bottom border strips to quilt

Quilt and bind…enjoy!


Happy Stitching,