‘From Louise’s Garden’ Sew Along Block #2

Dear Moose Friends,



I picked my first peony flower yesterday.   It is a deep rich red color that I love.   This particular bush is a baby, only a few years old, but is always the first in my garden to bloom.   Even with the unusual weather we’re having this peony is right on time.




Louise's starter kit


We  will have the ‘starter’ kit of fabric available for the sew along by the time you read this post.   I may ‘Moose It Up’ as I design these blocks and throw in a fabric from my fabric collection (aka stash).   Don’t panic.   Use an alternative fabric from the ‘starter’ kit or from your collection.   Put your ‘signature’ on the block(s).   This is a way for you to experiment with fabric and color.



From Louise's Garden block 2
From Louise’s Garden block 2

Finished Block 4-1/2″

Cutting for one block:

from light background cut 4 | 1-1/4″ x 3-1/2″ rectangles

from light background cut 4 | 1-1/4″ x 2″ rectangles

from block center fabric cut 1 | 2″ square

from dark #1 cut 4 | 1-1/4″ squares

from dark #2 cut 4 | 1-1/4″ squares

Using the photo for placement, stitch block units together.


Happy Stitching,