‘From Louise’s Garden’ Sew Along Block #5

Dear Friends,

“May 26…50 degrees, cloudy and rainy. Very chilly. Using lettuce and radish. Peas blooming.” These words are handwritten on page 136 (also hand numbered) of Grandma Louise’s home journal, a journal she started before my mom was born.  There is also a recipe for Chocolate Cake on the same page.  It must have been a favorite recipe because the page is dotted with smudges and in the margin Grandma wrote “Good” in pencil.

I am fortunate to be the keeper of Grandma Louise’s journal, a spiral bound notebook titled “The Loose Leaf Organizer”.  The cover is dated 1940, back in time when a telephone number was only four digits.  Yellowed notebook pages contain handwritten recipes, newspaper clippings of recipes taped to the pages, and copies of Kitchen Klatter.Grandma's Journal

Grandma liked to document who gave her the recipe.   “Leanna” contributed  many of the handwritten recipes.     Leanna was Leanna Field Driftmier, the editor of Kitchen Klatter. The little magazine was published monthly by The Driftmier Company, Shenandoah, Iowa.

It is fun to look back at Grandma Louise’s life.   She commented about the weather, how the garden was growing, what Grandpa Earl was doing on the farm and who was sick.   Her daily life in a small notebook.  The things that she loved.


I may not have time to ‘journal’ for my grandchildren.  But, I am leaving them a legacy of quilts that I love.

From Louise's Garden Block 5

Finished Block 4-1/2″

Cutting for one block:

from light #1 cut 1 | 2″ square

from light #1 cut 1 | 2-1/2″ square

from light #2 cut 1 | 2″ square

from medium #1 cut 2 | 2″ square

from medium #2 cut 2 | 2″ square

from dark cut 1 | 2″ square

from dark cut 1 | 2-1/2″ square

Using the light and dark 2-1/2″ squares, make 2 half-square triangle units.  Square these units to 2″ square.

Using the photo for placement, stitch block units together.

Happy Stitching,