‘From Louise’s Garden’ Sew Along Block #8

Dear Friends,

This past week the Moosettes and I were browsing through Grandma Louise’s journal to see what she may have been doing in June.  We found a Cherry Cake recipe dated July 4, 1947 on page 113 of her journal.  Slipped in between pages 113-114 there is a piece of paper written in her handwriting with a pen “Cherry Cake 6-26-58”.  If the dark grease spots are any indication; this must have been a favorite recipe.   Hmm….cherries are on sale this week at the market.   I may have to give this recipe a try.

Louise's Journal pg 113From Louise's Garden Block 8


Finished Block 4-1/2″

Cutting for one block:

from light background cut 3 | 2-1/2″ squares

from light background cut 1 | 2-3/8″ square, cut once on the diagonal

from medium cut 1 | 3-7/8″ square, cut once on the diagonal, you will only use 1 triangle

from medium cut 1 | 2″ square

from dark cut 3 | 2-1/2″ squares

Using the 3 light and 3 dark squares, make 6 half-square triangle units. Square these units to 2″ square. You will have 1 half-square triangle unit leftover.

Using the photo for placement, stitch block units together.


Happy Stitching,