Gather Around, Edyta Style

The last time we did Gather Around as a block of the month, we were very hush hush about the whole deal. It was going in a book! We couldn’t announce what we were doing, that would spoil the surprise! However, this time is different. We can talk about it. So we will.

Gather Around is the quilt that was on the front cover of our new book Baskets, Birds and Boughs. When we did it the first time, we did one version out of Jo Morton’s fabrics and another version out of Japanese taupes. This time we’re going to make it with Edyta’s fabrics, so a mix of batiks and prints throughout.

Gather Around Edyta 1

Gather is designed like a round robin quilt; the first month is the star. Pretty, right? Next month we’ll do appliqué branches, then we’ll do flying geese and on and on.

We’re starting it this month, December, and it will run for eight months. For our block of the months, there’s no class or specific day you have to show up. You just come in and pick up your block, or in this case round, and sew at your leisure. It will be ready for you after the first of each month.