Golden Days BOM by Jen Kingwell Months #2 & #3

Dear Friends,

Golden Days, Template/Block of the Month, Month #2, Linda’s Wreath is available.  This single block is an appliqué wreath using the mylar templates.  Our Moosette Linda, is positive that Jen named this block for her!  Yes Linda, Jen did.

Jen has included very detailed instructions and pictures for this block.  You should be able to get this block done without much stress!

Golden Days, Template of the Month, Month #3, Wagon Wheel is available, too.

For month 3 you will be making 3 pieced blocks.  When you are constructing this block you need to make sure you are laying the straighter sides of (T3) and (T3 Reversed) to (T2).  If you find that when these 3 pieces are sewn together they seem to be ‘cupped’; take another look at what edges you have sewn to T2.

You will notice when you are cutting out your fabric with (T5);  one end has a slight curve and that end has a deeper cut corner on one side.  It is important to make sure that this end of (T5) is placed and sewn towards the outside of the curve.  The straight edge of (T5) needs to be placed and sewn towards the center of the block.

Don’t be intimidated by piecing the full circle into the (T6) unit.   If you mark your intersections and make sure you pin the units together at these points your final block will lay flat when sewn together.

One other point to remember is that Jen is a hand piecer.   Jen draws the seam line between the registration points on the templates.   She is hand sewing on that marked line.  She is NOT using the edge of a seam allowance to sew her stitching line.  For machine piecers; if you draw a line between the registration points and sew on that line instead of sewing a 1/4″ (or a scant) from the edge of the seam allowance (what we normally do) you will be happier with the results.  Your pieces will lay flat and they will fit together!

We are having fun picking out the fabrics for Golden Days.   We are trying to stay with ‘the feel’ of the quilt; but, still “Moosing It Up” in the fashion that we love!

We still have a couple of spots available.  It’s not too late to join and get caught up.  Give us a call to reserve your spot 402.332.4178.

Happy stitching,