Hints, Tips and Tricks for Delilah BOM by Jen Kingwell

Dear Friends,

Month 4, Fairhaven,  of the Delilah Block/Template of the Month is now available.  You will be making 3 blocks this month.    And, we are back to sewing curves.  I am trying to ‘enjoy’ the process!  I must admit that I had a couple of moments with my first block!  But, I calmed down and didn’t overthink what I was doing.

I, again, added extra fabric to each straight line seam allowance.  I have found that the extra fabric helps when it comes to trimming any seam allowance to a quarter inch.   Again, I marked the registration points, drew pencil lines between the registration points and used pins to match the seam lines before sewing.

I have included some additional pictures this month.   I wanted to show you how I marked/penciled the concave and convex curves between the registration points using the ‘opposing’ template.

Convex curveConcave curve


Also,  I am trying to pin my curves the way Michelle Yeo taught in her classes when she was here this spring.  Michelle taught us to do the pinning from the left side of the seam; into the curve.

Michelle Yeo pinning


I did find that when the pins were inserted from the left side of the seam, the curved seam allowance/bias ‘opened up’ more and was easier to sew.   I am trying to ‘reteach’ myself on how I pin my seams.  I was taught to pin from right to left into the seam so that you could pull the pins from the right before stitching under the needle.  I discovered that some of our ‘seasoned’ quilters were taught to pin from left to right.   They giggle when I discuss my newfound advice!

This month you are dealing with a multitude of bias edges.   I cut each fabric piece that was the outside edge of the block on the straight of grain.   I liked the end result of how the block was easier to trim and didn’t ‘wave’ back at me.   One of the blocks I didn’t cut the outside edges on the straight of grain; and, I didn’t like how the block ‘rippled’.   When you pay attention to the straight of grain when you are cutting out any pieces for Delilah you will like the finished results.

Delilah #4


Do you have a piece of fabric in your stash that would look terrific in one of the Delilah blocks? USE IT! “Moose It UP” by giving this quilt your personal touch.

I would like to remind our local quilters that we are sponsoring ‘Open Sew’ on Friday afternoons from 1-4p.  Check our blog post on 6/8/2017 for the details.  Linda and I are available to help you get started on your Delilah blocks and answer any questions on the piecing process.

‘Til next week, make each day a pieceful day.

Best regards,