Hints, Tips and Tricks for Delilah BOM by Jen Kingwell Month #10

Dear Friends,

The fabric/template kits are available for Delilah month #10, Mayflower.   Y(-seam) Y(-seam), Y(-seam) Delilah?

Did you figure it out?  We are back to y-seams.  And, we will be making 9 of these adorable 6″ finished blocks.  Be sure to read your instructions, transfer your registration marks from your templates to your fabric, and be certain the straight of grain of the fabric is running parallel with the outside edge of the template.  I assembled the pieces as Jen suggested in the instructions and didn’t have any problems with the Y-seams.   You need to make sure that at any point of sewing the seam of T39 & T40 together you only have 2 layers of fabric under your needle.  I tried to make sure my needle did not go past the registration point at the tip of T40 so the point was crisp.  Take your time.  You can do it!

After making several blocks I found I was not consistent in the final block measurement of 6 1/2″ unfinished.  I added a generous 1/8-1/4″ to the edge(s) of T40 and T41 that formed the outer sides of the block so I had ample fabric to trim the block to the final measurement of 6 1/2″.   I was much happier with the final results.

The timing was perfect for our man in brown (UPS) to deliver Jen’s new Lollies Sweetie fabrics. You will find some of them in this month’s kit, they give you sooo many options!

Have fun with these blocks!   As I have suggested before; substitute several pieces of fabric from your stash for pieces of fabric in any of the blocks.  Or, use a favorite piece of fabric from one of our previous monthly fabric packets.   As we continue to add more fabric each month there are endless fabric combinations for these blocks!

Until next time, make each day a pieceful day.

Best regards,