Hints, Tips and Tricks for Delilah BOM by Jen Kingwell Month #12

Dear Friends,

The fabric/template kits are available for Delilah month #12, Black Cockatoo.

You will be making 12 6″ blocks for this final month of Delilah.  The piecing is easy with all straight seams.  The same rules of engagement continue to apply to the construction of the blocks: read the assembly instructions first, transfer all registration points from the templates to your fabrics, and I find it helpful to draw the sewing line between registration points on my fabric. From previous posts you know I like to make sure that the fabrics’s straight of grain runs along the outside of the block.

Again, with all the fabric included in this month’s packet and choices from the previous months, it was hard to decide which fabrics to use!  I encourage you to pick some of your favorite fabrics from all of your packets and/or your stash and make several of these blocks with your personal choices. Have fun playing with color!

This final month’s packet also includes the instructions for the final quilt block layout.   You will be making 31 Pinwheel blocks which finish at 3″ and 34 squares of fabric that finish at 3″.  You will be using your leftover fabric scraps to make your pinwheel and fabric square blocks.

Jen has broken down the layout into 11 sections. I am visual when it comes to instructions, so I appreciate that there are detailed drawings for each section.  Essentially, you will be assembling sections 1-6 into the left half of the quilt; and, sections 7-11 for the right half of the quilt.  Then you will sew the two halves together for your final quilt top.  Your finished quilt will measure 66″x69″. I am in the process of making the pinwheel blocks and cutting out the fabric squares. I do plan to share the finished quilt with you very soon.

I have learned so much working on Delilah this past year!  I have learned some new piecing skills and brushed up on some skills that I haven’t used for quite awhile.  And my biggest learning curve has been how to use color! Thank you, Jen, for pushing me out of my comfort zone.

I have enjoyed sharing my ‘Jen’ quilting adventure with you each month. There were a couple of months, I must admit, I was ‘challenged’ with the mission! But, in the end, it has been a fun filled year of growing my quilting skills.

Until next time, make each day a pieceful day.

Best regards,