Hints, Tips and Tricks for Delilah BOM by Jen Kingwell Month #6

Dear Friends,

The fabric/template kits are available for Delilah month #6, Orbit.   This month Jen has given us the challenge of  Y-seams.   I must admit that when I was making my first block I was thinking “Those curves were a piece of cake!”.  But, by the last (fourth) block I met the challenge head-on and my Y-seams looked pretty darn good!  LOL

Month 6 Orbit

This month it is imperative that you review the assembly instructions included with your packet.   I must admit that I usually ‘skim’ the pictures and move on to the business of cutting out the fabric from the template without reading the information.  This month you need to take the time to review all the information before you begin cutting into your fabrics.

The first important fact you need to review is that T22 template has an * at one point.  At first glance you may think this template is an equilateral triangle.  Upon closer examination you will discover that this template is not an equilateral triangle.  I made sure that I marked the * point on the backside of each piece of fabric I cut from T22.   Also, I found that if I had the opposite long side from the * point of T22 on the straight of grain I had less problems with the stitching of the long seam (see picture the top of page 2 of the assembly instructions).

On page 2 of the assembly instructions you will see the ‘pivot’ points for the Y-seams are marked. These points are unstitched 1/4″ from the edge.  If you try to ‘pivot’ at these points with the seam stitched you will not be successful!  You need to take the time to make sure these pivot points are marked and unstitched on all units.

While piecing the Y-seams on the first block I starting chanting “Push ’em back, push ’em back, waaaay back.   Do they still chant that at football games? I found that if you had more than 2 layers of fabric under your needle at the registration points, your Y-seam would have an unsightly pucker. This is why you need to make sure you are pushing away any extra fabrics from your Y-seam point.

It has been awhile since I have used a Y-seam in any construction of a block.  My first block was a disaster.   Needless, to say I was frustrated.   I started searching on Y-tube for videos that might help me improve my piecing.   What I found was a cheerleader.  (Notice the football theme:  Go Big Red!  The football season was just beginning when I started piecing Orbit.)  Edyta Sitar’s video on Y-seam construction was the first and only video that I reviewed.   Her calming voice and instructions made me realize that I needed to relax and follow the instructions  provided in the packet by Jen.  Slow down.  You can do it!

Another excellent source of information for this month’s blocks’ construction was Jen’s daughter Lucy Carson Kingwell, her blog post on Amitie Textiles.   Lucy provides an alternative construction process.  She also provides excellent graphics and an explanation of the shape of the T22 template. Check out her comments at this link:   http://amitietextiles.blogspot.com

We thought you might like a picture of all the Delilah blocks completed so far (months 1-6).  It is fun to see how our ‘Moose It UP’ version of Delilah is progressing.

Delilah 1 - 6

Enjoy the “Orbit” journey.

Til next time, make each day a pieceful day.

Best regards,