Hints, Tips and Tricks for Delilah BOM by Jen Kingwell Month #7

Dear Friends,

The fabric/template kits are available for Delilah month #7, Four Patch Star.  I have decided that I am renaming this block “Fantasy Four Patch Star”.  Fantasy is a synonym for optical illusion.  As you work with color value in this block you will understand why I added this descriptor.

We are, again, working with Y-seams in this block.  I found the Y-seams in this block to be easier to manage with machine piecing than last month’s. If you have been following the previous posts on Delilah; I recommend that you read the assembly instructions first, transfer all registration/pivot points from the templates to your fabrics, and I also draw the sewing line between registration/pivot points on my fabric.  It is important this month that you do not sew past any of the pivot points as described in the assembly instructions for the Y-seams.

From previous posts you also know that I like to make sure that the straight of grain of the fabric runs along the outside of the block.  In this block, make sure that the straight of grain is running along the long side of template T 31.  I have found from past experience that you will be happier with the assembly of the blocks into the quilt if the outside of the block is not ‘stretching’.

When sewing the T 31 template to the inner block I discovered that if you worked in a ‘circle’ and placed the T 31 fabric piece on top of the block it was much easier to pivot being certain you only have 2 pieces of fabric under your pressure foot and needle.   Take it slow at these pivot points. These points are called pivot points for a reason!  Don’t hurry at this step of your construction.

You can see from the picture of the blocks this month that the color value of the fabrics change how your eye perceives the final block.   With several of the blocks you see the diamond shape (T 29) before you see the star points (T 28).   These blocks will provide added interest to the finished quilt because of this ‘Fantasy‘.

I have suggested on previous blog posts that you add some of your own fabrics to personalize the blocks for Delilah.  This month you will see from the picture of the blocks that I used a piece of fabric that is not included in your fabric kit.  I decided to ‘Moose It Up’ and personalize my Delilah block with a piece of fabric that I used in the binding of a quilt that I gifted to my DILove for her baby shower.  Yes, there is going to be a grand baby at the end of November.   I can’t wait to hold this baby of my baby!

Only a few more ‘sleeps’ until we have Jen Kingwell in the shop!  I can hardly wait to see her smile and hear her laughter.   If you want to be meet this extraordinary quilt artist we have several spots still available on Saturday, October 21.  Check our previous blog for all the details on Jen’s workshop at the Quilted Moose.


Til next time, make each day a pieceful day.

Best regards,