Hints, Tips and Tricks for Delilah BOM by Jen Kingwell Month #8

Dear  Friends,

The fabric/template kits are available for Delilah month #8, Coloured Turbine. It was a treat to be back to straight seams and not needing to be so careful with stitching each seam within the registration points.

For this month’s blocks, I found that all previous rules of ‘engagement’ apply: read the assembly instructions first, transfer all registration points from the templates to your fabrics, and I find it helpful to draw the sewing line between registration points on my fabric.  From previous posts you know that I like to make sure that the fabrics’s straight of grain runs along the outside of the block.

As our fabric leftovers for Delilah increases with each month; I am finding that it is taking me longer to decide on fabric choices and what position in the block I want to use the specific fabric for.  I finally decided on the third Coloured Turbine block, to go with my first choice and ‘be happy’ with that choice!  The planning process was taking me way too long for each block.   My challenge to you this month; change out two of the fabric choices I used in each block.   You can use fabric from your personal stash or Delilah fabric from any of the previous fabric packs (you will have enough fabric to do future blocks).   Make this quilt yours.  Work outside of your comfort zone. Enjoy this journey!

Until next time, make each day a pieceful day.

Best regards,