Jo’s Little Women Grow Prairie Buds

I’m sure many of you know that we have entirely too much fun at the Moose and with our Jo’s Little Women’s Club members in particular.To keep the good times rolling and the party going for all involved, we’ve figured out what our bonus project for our Jo’s Little Women’s Club members will be; we’re going to take the Prairie Rose quilt we designed for Jo and Andover and half size it. That means that those sampler blocks will finish at 6″ instead of 12″. The quilt will finish at 50″ square instead of 100″ square.

Prairie Buds

Feel like you’re up for the challenge? Jo’s Little Women meets the first Monday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Moose. Call us at the shop to get the full details on  Jo’s Little Women.

We’ll get you set up!