Joyful Noises

Last night was our annual Moosette-Holiday-Get-Together, or bi-annual since we got snowed out last year. Anyway! After reading the posts from the Moda blog’s 12 Days of Joy, we asked the Moosettes to do the same thing; write about joy. Brace yourselves, there was wine with our cookies, so we may get sappy.

Debbie: My large, crazy, blended family makes me most joyful.  The unconditional love from my grandchildren and the look of joy on their faces when they see me is the greatest gift in life. I am joyful for the wonderful, creative women who work with me at the Moose and our exceptional customers. They  have shared in my ups and downs, hugged me when I cried and joined me in laughter. Lots of laughter!! It’s not work when you love what you do!

Rudy: Joy is being home for Christmas. Joy is a picnic on a quilt in front of the fireplace. Joy is a surprise homemade gift.

Karla: Joy is simple for me. Being with friends & family is my joy – my husband, daughter, and my mom (who is now 88 yrs old). Joy is also sitting in my sewing room and actually sewing or cross stitching – these are things I never get to do enough of!

Suzanne: Family, Love & Laughter. Family fills my heart with Love & Laughter at all times! Love, I love everything I do! Laughter, always lightens the heart!

Karyl: I am joyful for my wonderful family – a great husband, 4 wonderful children, and 8 adorable grandkids – they are pure joy – and also my two doggies, Streak and Daisy who are always so grateful to see me. Beyond that – the amazing women I work with, who are so inspiring and have been such a positive influence in my life – they have really helped me learn to dismiss the negativity that some people try to impose on me. I am truly grateful for that!

Anneliese: Joy is my family, which is small, like my tree this year, but still bright and sparkly and mine. Including my two kitties who take their balloon for walks around the house. And my house is joyful because I got to paint it violently green. And the fabric stash squirreled away in my sewing room and various other closets. Every time I pull it out the fabric is new and exciting all over again. Being a Moosette and helping other people get excited about their accomplishments. Quilting is Joy.

Janet: Joy is having 2 boxers who snuggle up and sleep with me every night. Joy is a mint chocolate chip shake from Chik-Fil-A. Joy is meeting the love of my life at this age and knowing there is nowhere else I’d rather be.

Linda: Joy is my new granddaughter. Joy is the “Moose” : ) Joy is the memories of my grandmother. Joy is retirement.

Taryne: Joy is being surrounded by beautiful and talented people. I love sharing in the curiosity and growth of my children. Joy is being able to finish quilts on my own and not having to send them out.

Christmas 2013