MODA Sampler Block Shuffle Week #7

Dear Moose Friends,

Are you keeping up? Are you stitching your weekly blocks for the MODA Sampler Block Shuffle?  I am having to budget my free time between Christmas shopping and quiet time for my personal sewing.   It is a difficult time of year to juggle all the extra activities and still create time to do the sewing that I love!  But, I find that I am a much happier person if I am able to sit in front of my sewing machine for a few minutes each day.

I discovered while working on the blocks for this week that we have already pieced a block like #19. But, with the recommended color placement for this week, the whole look of the block changes. Check out Block #11 from Week #4.  We are having fun in the shop looking at each other’s blocks and deciding how we can ‘Moose It Up’.  As we go along, we are looking more at color placement or even the possibility of adding a new fabric to our blocks for interest.  You can always count on us to make changes to the original!



Block #11 and Block #19 color placement variation








As you are making these blocks I hope that you take a few minutes to consider how you can change the look of your block with color placement.    This is your chance to experiment with using a bolder color than you normally pick.   One suggestion from MODA that you may find helpful for auditioning your fabric choices:  Make a flannel board to display the pieces of the block. Begin with only the dark pieces on the flannel board. Then present a variety of backgrounds to achieve different looks. Large florals, stripes or other interesting designs make unique backgrounds. People usually shy away from them.

Don’t forget to have fun while making these blocks.   It’s a chance for you to move away from your comfort zone and personalize these blocks with your color choices.   Don’t you like those teeny tiny blocks when they turn out perfect!  Enjoy this gig.  It’s the best one in town!




Blocks 19, 20 & 21










If you recently started following us or forgot to download any of the past blocks, stop and see us at the Moose.  With a small purchase, we will be happy to provide you with any of the past blocks that you may need to complete your MODA Sampler Block Shuffle.