Moda Sampler Shuffle Week #3

Hello Dear Friends,

I keep hearing how many Mondays until Christmas.  Latest count is 6.   But, my count this month is how many Saturdays until my youngest daughter’s wedding.   If you haven’t heard Jill is getting married the Saturday after Thanksgiving.   So, my count is two Saturdays (including today).  The next couple of weeks will be a flurry of wedding preparations and shopping for my dress (lol, that’s correct, I don’t have one yet).

Please continue to help us spread the word to our quilting friends about the Moda Sampler Shuffle and the free patterns that can be downloaded from the Quilted Moose Blog.  Today, the 1st week of free patterns will come down off the blog and will no longer be available for downloading.

Here are some tips to help improve your accuracy when piecing smaller blocks.   Using a good quality and a finer weight thread can help to improve your piecing skills.   I like using Proscenia 60 wt thread for my piecing.   Also, increasing your stitches per inch from 9 to 14 can improve the accuracy of your stitching line.   Your sewing machine feeds the fabric through at a slightly slower rate so that you can also control your seam allowance.

Many of you know that I love to ‘Moose It Up’ when I am planning and piecing a quilt top. Expand your comfort zone with one of the blocks this week.  Do you tend to stay away from mixing cottons with batiks?   Try incorporating a new fabric into one of the blocks.   Use these blocks to ‘test’ a new concept or technique.    You may be surprised at the results.

I need to scurry.   I have a bride counting on me!

Have fun!


Moda Sampler Shuffle