Moda Sampler Block Shuffle Week #6

Dear Moose Friends,

I am looking forward to having ‘free time’ now that the wedding is over!   HaHa.  I must say though, I’m kind of missing the half-dozen or more phone calls from her daily.

Jillian was a beautiful bride.   This proud mom can not resist showing you some pictures from the wedding.












Now back to business…..

We are getting a lot of practice making flying geese units with this Moda Shuffle Sampler.   This week is no exception!  Try a new method to make the flying geese units in Block #16.   You can “google” search the various methods available.  You may find that a different method will work better for you.    Block #17 introduces an appliqué block.   And Block #18 gives us a another chance to “Moose It Up” with color placement.

If you are new to appliqué and are interested in learning a sewing machine technique you need to give the Moose a call and add your name to the waiting list for our machine appliqué class.  Suzanne, our resident machine appliqué expert, continues to provide an excellent class experience for learning appliqué.  Suzanne’s class is a compilation of techniques that continue to help produce beautiful quilts.  This week, she was telling us about a new process that she decided to try to improve the look of a circle wreath for her leaves.   Suzanne was so excited with the results.   I know that she will be incorporating this new method into her class!   Join us after the holidays for her class.

IMG_7384 (1)