Moose Gabs

Triple B TitleWe’ve decided to have a little game to go along with the Baskets, Birds, and Boughs book release. If any of you are familiar with the game Mad Gabs, we’ve decided to do our own version, Moose Gabs. Moose Gabs goes like this; a string of words make no sense together until you say them out loud. Once you say them out loud, you have to figure out the phrase the sounds make, not the phrase that is written. For example:

Eye Pillow Fizz Sigh


Apple Of His Eye

One of our Moosettes figured out how to turn each project in the book into a Moose Gab. The challenge is to figure out the name of each project in the book and email us your answers. The person who figures out all 10 Moose Gabs will get their choice of a free book or a free ticket to our Book Launch Party. Sometimes it helps if you mumble and slur your words together, just like your mother told you not to. Ready or not, start gabbin’!

1. Basque It’s Purrs Sand Pows

(We’ll give you a hint to get you started: it’s the name of the book)

2. Caw Their Air Hound

3. Alf Pill Looked

4. When Good Dibs

5. Urn Nest Teak Gull

6. Have Hurl As Stings

7. Zap Linger Of

8. And King Pass Kits

9. Wind Terp Airy

10. Duh Shah Whale