Mooseketeer Carols

We have a number of Christmas projects for Mooseketeers this weekend. This inspired one of our Moosettes to start singing Christmas carols while wrapping up the pretty quilt kits (cough, Anneliese, cough). Debbie promptly said, “I can’t handle thinking about Christmas right now!!” So the Moosette decided to tweak the carol.

Sung to the tune of Christmas is Coming:

Mooseketeers is coming

The stack is getting tall

Would you like to stop on in

And see what’s new for the fall?

The spots are full for Monday

But the weekend’s got a few

If we don’t see you at Mooseketeers

We hope to see you soon!

She may not be tone deaf, but it’s still not pleasant. Hope to see you at Mooseketeers this weekend!

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