Mooseketeers Fall 2015

It’s that time again! Mark your calendars—Mooseketeers is on the horizon. If you’ve never been to a Moosketeers  before, it’s our big show-and-tell event. We move everything around in the back room and fill it up with all of our new wonderful projects, and $5 reserves your spot to see our showcase. We have new books and new kits and new quilts to share, recipes, and handouts, and you get to see them before anyone else. It takes about an hour to go through it all. Then, you can grab your favorites and get started with your pretty new projects.

The dates and times for Mooseketeers are as follows:

  • Saturday October 10th at 9 am
  • Monday October 12th at 10 am
  • Monday October 12th at 6:30 pm

Pick the time that works best for you and give us a call at 402-332-4178 to reserve your spot!