Mooseketeers Fall 2019 Wrap-Up & New Beginners Quilting Class Session

Hello Friends!

Are you cold yet??! I am! I woke up this morning to a brand new furnace (that didn’t work… sigh…) good thing I had a warm and cozy Quilted Moose to go to!

It’s been too long since we chatted and I have so much new info to share! Before we get to the really good stuff, I have to remind y’all about a new session of our Beginners Quilting Class starting Saturday October 19th (from 9 am – 12 pm) the rest of the session will be October 26th and November 9th.  It will more than likely be our last session of this year and we have just a spot or two left, so please stop in or give us a call to reserve your space. We’re so very happy that Cindy will be back with us and teaching our new quilters how to make this lovely little table runner from beginning to end.

Now on to the super exciting stuff!!

As many of you know we held our semi-annual Moosketeers event last weekend and oh, my, was it fun!! We had a full house both days and there was such a great response to all of our new kits, patterns, fabric and plans for next year!  Here’s a quick peek at some of what you might have missed if you couldn’t make it.  Some of the items are already sold out (more will be coming) but if you’d like to purchase any of the items, please stop in to see us!

Deb was still quilting samples on Thursday, lol. Friday…the whole day (to the last second) was spent setting up our classroom to host the event, including a couple of tables to showcase all the new goodies, as well as snacks and drinks.

In the front was the pile of samples waiting to be revealed… (hi Michelle! I told you not to give me a cheesy smile or you’d end up in the blog! hehehe!)As the room filled up with all our guests and friends the excited chatter got nice and loud……. right up until Debbie started to speak and it suddenly went silent with anticipation of her showing all the new stuff!A good time was definitely had by all, and we here at the Moose couldn’t have been happier! All the weeks of hard work definitely paid off getting to see everyone enjoying what we had created!

Monday came and Debbie was hard at work climbing the ladder to change the walls to hold all of the new samples (she wouldn’t let me take pictures lol).

But here is what the finished product looks like!


Come on it to see it for yourself and check out all our new kits and fabric!

Until next week my friends,