Hello my friends!!

I’ve missed chatting with you and have so much to share this week! First things first… I hope that your holiday weekend was wonderful and filled with fun, friends, family and of course at least a little bit of sewing (I know that with Mooseketeers coming up right around the corner in October that MINE was! lol).

If you haven’t called us yet to reserve your spot for our Fall Moosketeers event this October, it’s not too late, we do have a few spots remaining for each day! Not sure what Moosketeers is and want more info? You can read our post HERE then be sure to give us a call to reserve your spot!

Next… are you working on your Blue and White quilt for our Blue and White Quilt Challenge yet? I am… although I’ve changed my mind AGAIN on what to create (sigh) so I’m starting back on square one… at this rate it might be a pillow if I keep changing my mind! lol Don’t worry if you haven’t started… you have plenty of time, I can’t wait to see what you all create!

And lastly, I am SO stinking excited about a fun new sew-along that Deb is starting, that I simply had to share it!  If you’re working on Jen Kingwell’s Marshall quilt you’re a bit familiar with the quilt already as it’s on the cover of last month’s Quiltmania magazine.  When the magazine hit the Moose Deb instantly fell in love with this antique quilt and as she showed it around to staff and customers the excitement grew… “we’d love to make that” seemed to be the consensus!  And so the “Moose Mini Hourglasses” sew-along was born…

This sew along will be fun and informal, no kit, just scraps and fun! Each week we’ll post pictures of Deb’s progress here on the blog and on our Instagram account @quiltedmoose (not on Instagram?! Don’t be scared, lol, it’s easy! And there is a TON of wonderful quilting content on there! No smart phone? No problem! Simply go to www.Instagram.com and sign up! It’s free and super easy… you don’t need to share, but you’ll want to with this sew-along!) when you sign up be sure to follow Deb’s posts and you’ll see all the great posts of what other’s are creating. Post your images with the hashtags #MooseMiniHourglasses #QuiltedMoose #MooseItUp and #Quiltmania.

Here’s a shot of the magazine cover and the quilt (gorgeous isn’t she?). It seems as though the quilt was created improvisationally (is that a word??) with scraps and bits and bobs that all together created a wonderful Americana like masterpiece.  Don’t have scraps in these colors? No worries, use whatever you have! This is your creation!

All you need is a copy of the magazine (you can purchase it HERE if you don’t already have it) some scraps and a little bit of time each week!


The quilt “pattern” starts with the gorgeous mini hourglasses as a center medallion and builds from there.  Debbie took some scraps she had at home and began to create…

I know that y’ll have plenty of scraps! Just find some neutrals and some colors that you love and get started with your hourglasses!

The size of the hourglasses were a bit intimidating to me at first, but Deb showed me a quick and easy way to create them and took photos of her process…

Simply cut the squares as per the pattern in the magazine, but instead of cutting them into the quarter square triangles as the magazine calls for, simply draw a line diagonally down the center of the top square, place the two squares (in Deb’s case it was a cream and red) right sides together and sew a quarter inch seam on either side of the drawn line, then cut on your drawn line to give you two half square triangles.

Now take your half square triangles and press them toward dark fabric so you have two new squares.  Flip one of the squares around (so red is on cream and cream is on red) lock them together seam to seam and draw a new line down the center of the top square (opposite the seam lines) and sew a quarter of an inch seam on either side again… then cut on your drawn line again! Now when you open your “squares” you’ll have two cute little hourglasses that are big enough to trim down to size!

Now… if you want to get “fancy” (and frankly, who doesn’t?) You’ll use Debbie’s “clipping trick” that makes the back of her quilts so incredibly neat and gorgeous! Simply clip your sewn seams approximately 1/4 of an inch away from the sewn seam and open them so that the centers open and lay flat…

You are now ready to make hourglasses, get started and make more than you think you need! The center of this quilt has 20 of them, but if you look closely at the quilt they are throughout the entire quilt.  These would make wonderful little “leaders and enders” to create while you’re sewing another project!  Once you’ve finished your hourglasses you can add the squares and sashing to finish up your center!

Here lately I’ve been working on my “precision piecing” (but that’s a whole other blog post, lol) and this seems like a perfect way to work on precision without needing the pieces to be “perfect” as you can tell looking at this gorgeous quilt, the seams and lines aren’t perfect. It seems to me that the wonderful creator of this quilt (unknown) held the tradition of “using what you have” to create this masterpiece.  I like to think that as this artist’s kids grew out of clothes or her husband’s shirt was beyond repair she used all that wonderful fabric and simply added it into this beauty, improving the borders and squares as she went.  Perfection was not the goal.  (I need to make this my morning mantra “Perfection is NOT the goal… perfection is not the goal” lol)

So join us won’t you!? Each week or so Debbie will create one pieced border and one solid border and post her progress to inspire you to create and stay on top of yours (but if you don’t… it’s not a problem! This seems to me to be one of the projects that I keep near my sewing table and add to it as I need to use those leaders and enders, or as scraps appear…)  If you do sew along though, please post on Instagram with the hashtags #MooseMiniHourglasses #QuiltedMoose #MooseItUp and #Quiltmania so that we can all follow along with your journey as well!

And before I go, I’d like to give a little shout out to my Mom, Mary Patricia Zelton who inspired me to be creative my entire life and who was a wonderful woman who we lost far too soon. It would have been 76 today if she were still with us and she would have loved that I was sewing and still creating.  I miss you mom!

Until next time my friends… keep smiling keep sewing and remember “Perfection is NOT the goal” 😉