Moosketeers Spring 2014

The skies are blue! The birds are singing! It’s spring and time for another round of Moosketeers with your favorite Moose and Moosettes.

If you’ve never been to a Moosketeers  before, it’s our big show-and-tell event. Our back room morphs, and $5 reserves your spot to see our showcase. We have new books and new kits and new quilts to share, recipes, and handouts, and you get to see them before anyone else. It takes about an hour to go through all the new things. Then, you can grab your favorites and get started with your pretty new projects!

You can call and sign up for either:

– Saturday May 31st, at 9 am


-Monday June 2nd, at 10 am

And the really cool thing about this Mooseketeers is that Debbie will be back from Market with all new goodies!!

No pressure, Deb…