Navajo Code Talkers Block of the Month

Many times, our customers discover the great new patterns. They travel and see many different things and we’re grateful they share all their quilty excitement with us.  Thank you Moose peeps!

The Navajo Code Talkers pattern is something that started this way.  A customer came in to collect fabrics for it, and she didn’t have the pattern, but she gushed about how cool this quilt was.    Of course, we had to go look.

And now we’re gushing…look how unique this quilt is!

Navajo Code Talkers Full


The pattern is by Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions.  Norma made it using a bunch of the yummy Diamond Textile wovens.  Which we have and will use.  We’re going to sneak some Japanese taupe wovens in also.  Each month, you will receive fabrics to make two blocks and a note on how we used the fabrics.  The first month’s kit is larger, giving you a greater variety. The following months will not have as many fabrics, but you will mix in leftovers from previous months to keep the beautiful mix going.

The quilt measures 60″ x 75″, but could easily handle a border to increase its size.

Call us at 402-332-4178 and we’ll get you signed up. If you signed up at Mooseketeers, your blocks are ready. Come and get ’em!