Navajo Code Talkers BOM Month 2

Happy October Friends!

We are enjoying beautiful weather here in eastern Nebraska and along with it, the corn and soybean harvest, pumpkin picking and football.  GBR!

Today I picked everything available in our garden…with the possibility of rain and even a little snow tonight, I think I’m going to give up on covering the plants. Tomorrow I’ll use some of the tomatoes and make a pot of Tomato Basil Bisque. It’s one of our Quilted Moose favorites and featured in our new cookbook, but you can download the recipe by clicking on the link below.


The response to our Navajo Code Talkers Block of the Month has been immense, even though we were able to add additional spots, those too sold out quickly.  If your were lucky enough to get a spot, the kits for the first month have been mailed out or a few are still waiting for pickup.

As promised, we have included additional instructions with each month’s kit. Along with those instructions, I am sharing a couple of other thoughts or answers to questions I have already received.

  • First, press each fabric with Best Press, Flatter or your favorite starch.
  • Next, from each fat eighth (9″x21″) cut a 15-1/2″ length, from this piece you will cut your assorted long rows. Set the remaining piece aside. These and the smaller cuts included in your monthly kits will be used for the pieced blocks, ie the pyramid, rail fence, star and/or basket rows.
  • Also, the pyramid template in Block 2 does include the 1/4″ seam allowance.


Month 2 Navajo Code Talkers BOM kits as of October 15th are available for pickup and mail orders will be sent out later today or tomorrow morning.

  • I have discovered this month in making the basket for Row 6, Block 3 that truly accurate piecing does not work in my favor. This row consists of 2 Star blocks, 1 Basket block and filler pieces at each end. Because the two star blocks finish at 4″x4″ and the diagonal of a 3″ square (basket) is 4.24″ there is no way these blocks are going to match up. Sooo, either the star blocks need to be larger or the basket smaller. I suggest you make the basket block smaller by stitching with slightly larger than normal 1/4″ seam allowances.
  • To reduce the number of seams in Row 5, Block 4 (3 nine-patch blocks)I am giving you the measurements to cut the Row 5 gold background as setting triangles and corner triangles, instead of all corner triangle units. Cut (1) 6″x6″ square, cut twice on the diagonal for setting triangles. Cut (2) 3″x3″ squares, cut once on the diagonal for corner triangles. Both are oversized to allow for squaring up your row. See photo below.

I’m loving the look of our 2020 version of the Navajo Code Talkers BOM and hope you enjoy stitching along with us. As always, if you have questions please give us a call at the Moose, 402-332-4178 and we will do our best to answer them.

Happy stitching,