Pillow Palooza Challenge

Dear Friends,

Palooza:  nounSlang.   an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance

If you attended one of our sessions of Mooseketeers this fall you already know about our Pillow Palooza Challenge.   It all started when I saw a post on Instagram @modafabrics and on the Moda blog of some beautiful red and white pillows.  The pillows had been designed and stitched by members of the Moda Fabric team. As Carrie pointed out in the post, red and white is not just for Christmas, try tossing a few around for Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day…
Standing in the shower the next morning; I said to myself “Hmmm…..what if I put this challenge out to my staff of Moosettes? I bet they would love to complete another project before the Mooseketeers event.”
I went to work and proposed the challenge.   That particular Wednesday morning Linda and Suzanne were working.   Suzanne’s face lit up!  She already had an idea.  Suzanne returned the next week with her completed pillow.  The other Moosettes designed and made their pillows in time for Mooseketeers. img_0840
Part of the Pillow Palooza Challenge was also putting the challenge out to our Quilted Moose customers. What a fun winter project this will be. So here goes…
Below are the Pillow Palooza Challenge guidelines:
1.  Use red, white or cream fabrics
2.  Use your preferred method of piecing and/or appliqué
3.  Minimum pillow size is 12″ square
4.  Pillow must be completed with a front and back (You can use your preferred method for the back; i.e., envelope closure, zipper, button, etc.
5.  Pillow must be complete with a form   (We like ‘puffy’ pillows.   To get a ‘puffy’ or ‘stuffed’ look make the fabric pillow 1-2″ smaller than the size of the form)
6.  Pillow’s must be delivered to the Quilted Moose for photography between now and January 21, 2017
The presentation of pillows (photos displayed on Instagram) will run from January 1 thru February 1, 2017.  We will post photos of the pillows on Instagram daily; @quiltedmoose.  First, Second and Third place prizes will be awarded to the top 3 ranking pillows by ‘likes’ on Instagram.
So grab some fabric.   ‘Moose It Up’.   And, let’s partee!