Psychedelia Month One is Here! – Tips and Tricks to Help You Along The Way!

Hi Friends!!  

I missed chatting with you last week, but my happy self was in Austin, Texas at QuiltCon 2020 and having waayyy too much fun to write anything down! Cari and I took classes in Ice Dying, Sashiko, Boro Inspired Stitching and Hand Quilting, so you can anticipate some fun posts in the future on some fabulous new techniques and projects that we learned about!

In the meantime I came home and had the best surprise! Debbie had the first block of Jen Kingwell’s new Block of The Month – Psychedelia – all ready for me to create!! There are LIMITED spots still available to register for this beauty – so call, email or come in to sign up! If you want all the details on this new BOM you can click HERE to see our earlier blog post…

TaDa…here she is! Month 1 – “Articture”!  She finished at 18.5” and somewhat surprisingly came together rather quickly! On Jen’s quilts I tend to do a mix of hand or machine piecing (whichever is easiest and quickest lol) and this month was no different…  So here are a few tips that I learned from putting together month 1!

  1. You get PLENTY of fabric to complete this block, but if you want it “Jen-Style” and super scrappy, consider adding your own scraps into the mix! I suggest you have a project box to save all of your scraps in.  You will want to revisit those leftover pieces in future blocks and in the final setting of your quilt top. In addition, I purchased a 1/4 yard cut of one of Jen’s Remix lollies, it happened to go beautifully with the color mix of this month’s block. I added a piece of each of the 8 different fabrics into the block… I love how it turned out!  We’ve set aside that bolt of fabric in case you want to purchase some… ask when you pick up your block as when it’s gone… it’s gone 🙁
  2. USE template grips and a sandpaper board when cutting and marking your blocks! I can’t stress enough how much these little tools help! We have Jen’s grips and her sandpaper board here at the Moose, but any grips and board will do.  The key to quick sewing I’ve found is accurate cutting and marking, so don’t hesitate to spend a bit of extra time on this step.  I DID add grips to BOTH sides of the B template as it was reversible…
  3. This month’s block is actually 16 of the same units, so once you are finished cutting and marking your fabric, lay out your block pieces – arrange the colors so that you’re happy with the end result. Decide on how you want to stitch it (by hand or machine -I decided that I’d machine piece this month). To save a bit of time stitch all the block units at one time. I started with the larger pie shaped triangles… sewed from point to point (I chose not to chain piece them as I only sewed from point to point to allow me the flexibility of leaving my seams open). I found that it saved time, keeping me on track and not having to “think” as much as if I were doing each unit individually…  I then pressed to the dark dotted fabric and laid the smaller units back on to my small design board to keep confusion to a minimum (if you know me you know that this tip was key! Lol)
  4. Once the larger triangle units were finished I moved on and did the same with the smaller outer edge unit… I’m not a pro at curved piecing (yet lol) so I did mark the 1/4” seam of this unit. I pieced the two individual pieces together (and pressed them to the dark as well).
  5. After all the smaller units were made I took each larger unit and pinned! It went pretty quickly (as my center points locked together with opposing seams) I put a pin at the center, pinned both outside edges and added 4 more pins – two on either side of the center… a quick curved seam – easy because I had marked that 1/4” seam allowance and an easy press towards the outside edge (using a bit of Flatter on the tiny outside edges to keep those even and down). 
  6. Finally I pieced the units into rows and joined the rows together as per the pattern… this went really quickly as I had done all the prep work and my units were even and correctly sized!

All in all this month went quickly – and I loved the final result!! 


I hope you find the tips helpful… as always we are happy to help, you are welcome to come in or call if you have questions!!

Stay warm and healthy friends… and keep on sewing!