Put A Ring On It

We at the Moose like to play fortune teller. We like to look around at what’s happening in the quilting world and say, “This, this right here, it’s going to be the next big thing!” And I think our current prediction for the next big thing is the Double Wedding Ring.

I’m sure many of you can recall that Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts was here a couple of weeks ago. You remember her, she’s that lovely lady that’s been torturing us with her gorgeous photos from her travels in Europe. Well she also put out a new pattern called Wedding Ring that goes with her new Hope Chest fabric line due out this fall. So there’s one double wedding ring.

Edyta's Double Wedding Ring


This got us to thinking; who else was doing some double wedding rings? Then we remembered Judy Niemeyer’s booth from Quilt Market! It was chock full of new patterns and several were double wedding ring variations!

Judy Niemeyer's Quilts


Our Moda rep, Cheryl, was showing us pictures from QuiltCon. That was the conference put on by the Modern Quilt Guild back in February. The winner for Best of Show for this inaugural QuiltCon was a beautiful quilt called Double Edged Love by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. This quilt was very striking and married traditional and modern double wedding ring elements beautifully (married, get it?).

Double Edged Love


Next, we were talking with the wonderful people at the Kansas City Star. They’re the ones that published our first book and are publishing our next one due out in just a few short weeks. Anyway, they told us about a challenge that the NYC Metro Modern Quilt Guild is putting on. You can make a small quilt of just one ring, a traditional double wedding ring with at least four rings, or a modern double wedding ring with at least four rings where anything goes. For full details, just click on over here.

How about it? Feeling up to the challenge? After all, it’s the next big thing.