Quilted Moose 52 Week Quilt Block Challenge Followup

Dear Friends,

I promised at the end of the Quilted Moose 52 Week Quilt Block Challenge I would show some setting options for your blocks.

My first ‘go to’ for ideas are my  books on antique quilts. The example below is a vintage 9-patch block set on point with a pieced inner border.  What fun it would be to audition fabrics for the alternating block.  Have you located the unique piece of fabric used in the top block on the left?  I think that is a charming touch…did the piecer ‘loose’ that small block on her sewing table or did she run out of that fabric?




The setting used by Harriet Hargrave on the quilt at right is quite interesting. The sashing with the ‘bullseye’ corner stones gives this quilt a secondary design.





The example below is by Sew’n Wild Oaks. I love the secondary design created by the placement of the 9-patch blocks and the alternate courthouse step blocks with the 9-patch centers. Truly a gorgeous quilt!



In this example from Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket Quilts, you could substitute the double patch with your nine patch blocks for a wider strip.  This Sentimental Scraps quilt is great starting point for adapting a pattern you may like for use with your design elements.







In our Moosette Karyl’s quilt, sashing of additional 9-patch blocks and solid squares creates a quilt full of yummy 9-patch chains. The design is simple, but oh so stunning!  Karyl also went to her large collection of taupes to make this beautiful quilt.

The final example for setting your double nine patches is from Kim Diehl’s book, Simple Traditions.

In this quilt, the alternate block is a scrappy nine patch. How fun!







When designing your 9-patch quilt, I would like to suggest two wonderful reference books. These books will help with measurements for setting and corner triangles, alternating block sizes, fabric requirements, etc; especially, if you are setting your blocks on point. They are our ‘go to’ reference manuals and we use both of these books extensively in the shop when we are helping customers:

  • All-in-one Quilter’s Reference Tool by Harriet Hargrave, Sharyn Craig, Alex Anderson and Liz Aneloski
  • 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks by Judy Hopkins

Both of these reference books can be purchased in store at the Quilted Moose or from our website.

You may want to peruse Pinterest for additional ideas for the setting of your blocks.  There are so many options for your quilt.  Make it simple.  Or, challenge yourself and try an option that you may not have tried before.  Add a little appliqué? Whatever you’d like, it’s your quilt. You can do it!

Have fun!

Happy stitching,