Red & White Quilt Challenge Update #2

Dear Friends,

It’s time for an update about the Red and White Challenge! If you have been following the Quilted Moose thru our social media postings, you are aware of the Martingale Red and White Quilts book I was invited to design a quilt for. In April this year, I issued a challenge to our readers; make a red and white quilt to be displayed in a quilt show that will coincide with the release of the book.

I am overwhelmed with the response we have received about this event. We have now been able to determine many of the details. But, of course, there are still some surprises that I am working on to make this quilt show extra special. I will continue to provide updates on the event as we finalize our plans.

The release of Red and White Quilts, 14 Quilts with Timeless Appeal From Today’s Top Designers has been scheduled for November 1. We were recently surprised with the announcement of the quilts from the book being in a special exhibit at fall Quilt Market and Quilt Festival. This all very exciting, but I have had to push out the date for the Red and White Quilt Challenge to allow for the return of my quilt following Quilt Festival. If you have not already done so and you want us to reserve a book for you, please let us know by October 20th.

Red & White Quilts, cover reveal.

Tracking Tradition by Debbie Roberts

I am thrilled to announce that “The Red and White Quilt Challenge”  open house quilt show will be held at our Minglewood Lodge, 10603 S. 237th Street, Gretna, NE,  November 30 and December 1 from 10A-8P both days. Instead of charging a monetary admission to our open house we are asking that you instead make a donation of canned goods or nonperishable foods in the amount of $5-$10. We will take those donations to several local charities.

Now for more details about your quilt and the quilt show. I am asking that we receive your quilt entry by November 15 at the Quilted Moose.  Decorating and hanging the quilts at Minglewood will commence during the Thanksgiving weekend and the week proceeding the show.

In an effort to keep all your pertinent information with your quilt we are asking that you fill out the attached form and safety pin the form to the back of your quilt.  Also, please remember to attach your own quilt label to the back of your quilt.Red & White Registration

Quilt pickup after the show will begin, Tuesday, December 4 at the Quilted Moose during regular business hours. I want to remind you that  during the month of December the Quilted Moose will be closed on Mondays. Our normal business hours in December will be Tuesday thru Thursday 10A-5:30P, Friday 10A-5p and Saturday 10A-4P.

I have had some inquiries as to whether or not I will accept an antique red and white quilt. If you are willing to share a prized antique red and white quilt for the quilt show the answer is YES!

I am so excited about sharing our customers’ time and talents at this quilt show…the response has been awesome. I’m incorporating my Christmas decorating at Minglewood Lodge for this beautiful show. So, even if you are not making a quilt for our Red and White Quilt Challenge, be sure to mark these dates on you calendar. It may be just the inspiration you need to kick off the holiday season.

Happy Stitching,