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Wash-away Stitch Stabilizer - C&T 10sheets

Put your stitching in its place!
Make fabric marking a thing of the past with these special water-soluble, adhesive-backed sheets. Once your design is printed on the sheet, you can position (or reposition) it right where you want it for sewing through—perfect for embroidery, machine quilting, crazy quilting, applique, and more. It protects delicate fabrics, supports dense embroidery patterns, and stabilizes hard to hoop pieces like cuffs and collars. Complete instructions and tips for use included.
Print, copy, or trace your design on to a sheet
Stick it down in position on your fabric and stitch right through it
Then just wash it awaythe printed paper dissolves easily in water without damaging your work
(Wholesale minimum: 3 units.)
10 sheets
8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-1-60705-711-6
UPC: 734817-202035
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