Something to Crow About

Debbie’s back from Quilt Market! Hopefully, everyone has been keeping up with her shenanigans

Along with the fun goodies she brought back from Market, she noticed a trend in booths and aisles: there were a number of very pretty red and green quilts on display, particularly in the antique quilt vendors’ booths. Quilts like these guys.

Red and Green 1

And this one.

Red and Green 2

And this beauty.

Red and Green 3

This got Debbie thinking and dreaming and planning. You know how that happens. So while she was thinking and dreaming and planning, she met up with the Quilted Crow Girls! Leonie and Deirdre are from Tasmania and they had yet another spectacular red and green quilt in their booth.

Quilted Crow Girls' BOM

Isn’t it cool?! Each bird and branch is different, and just look at that border! I know we have some appliqué fiends out there hunting for a new project, so what do you think? The patterns will be finished in mid-January. We’re looking at starting it as a block of the month at the Moose in February. The finished quilt will be a little different since the above picture is an antique. Never fear, the reds and greens will be just as beautiful, albeit a little different, than the original.