String Along with MODA

Dear Friends,

How about a new project for the New Year?!  Carrie Nelson, one of our favorite designers and bloggers, has instructions on the MODA blog for a MODA String-Along starting December 28th and continuing into the New Year of 2019.

You can find the instructions for MODA’s String-Along on their blog page; MODA Cutting Table.   Carrie has provided some background information as to how this String-Along came to be; along with excellent instructions and pictures!

Here are the important dates:

  • Today – an introduction to string quilts, what you’ll need, a few options and how to be ready to start stringing after Christmas.
  • Friday – December 28.  Our sewing day – and the start of the sewing weekend.
  • Friday – January 4.  Checking in – a progress report.
  • Monday – January 7.  Block report – how many did you get done?

Carrie suggests that you use either paper or fabric for the foundation of your string blocks. You can use either option. But, the Quilted Moose wants to help you get started with a piece of fabric for your foundation. Stop in the Moose and pick up a 2 yard piece of fabric for $3.00.  This is an in-store, only, special.

If you follow Carrie’s instruction and cut your foundation fabric at 9″; you should be able to get 32 foundation blocks from the 2 yard cut of fabric.  As soon as you complete your first full set of string blocks; bring them in to the Moose for show and tell and pick up your next piece of foundation fabric, free of charge. Continue to bring in your sewn block sets to get more foundation fabric. As long as you bring in sewn string blocks we will supply you with the foundation fabric, free of charge.   No blocks….no foundation fabric. We want to help you get this quilt completed.

We are excited to see your completed blocks. Hurry in to pick your fabric and get started on this Moda String-Along.

Happy Stitching,