Baskets Birds and Boughs

Gather Around, Edyta Style

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The last time we did Gather Around as a block of the month, we were very hush hush about the whole deal. It was going in a book! We couldn’t announce what we were doing, that would spoil the surprise! However, this time is different. We can talk about it. So we will. Gather Around […]

Good Penmanship Still Counts

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Wednesday was the official release of our new book, Baskets, Birds, and Boughs. We had a pretty good time, for lack of a better word, launching it! Most of the Moosettes who created projects for the book, were in attendance pens in hand, ready to start signing. Karyl was off in California, doing some condor spotting. […]

Cover Girls

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Today, the quilts came back from their adventures with the Pickledish Quilts people and we’re pulling fabric and kitting up a storm. But another truly exciting piece of news arrived with the quilts; Baskets, Birds, and Boughs is up on the Pickledish Quilts’ website! We can unveil the cover, and Pickledish has a few sneak […]

Book Launch Shindig

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We are going to have a party for the launch of our new book, Baskets, Birds, and Boughs: Quilts Year ‘Round. Your copy of the new book is included in your ticket price and food and drink will be served. Debbie and many other Moosettes will be on hand to sign it for you! You will […]

Moose Gabs

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We’ve decided to have a little game to go along with the Baskets, Birds, and Boughs book release. If any of you are familiar with the game Mad Gabs, we’ve decided to do our own version, Moose Gabs. Moose Gabs goes like this; a string of words make no sense together until you say them out loud. Once […]

We’re A Tease, We Know

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Just because we couldn’t contain ourselves any longer, we’re going to start sharing some things from our new book! Each day we will unveil a sliver of something new and exciting from the book on Instagram. So make sure you keep up and follow us on there. You might just see your new favorite project! […]