Prairie Rose

Jo’s Little Women 14: March

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We were gearing up for our next Jo’s Little Women’s meeting tonight at the shop when we realized we didn’t share what happened at the last Little Women’s meeting! March was our first meeting of club number 14. We had a couple of fantastic show-and-tells that the ladies finished up from the last round.   […]

Prairie Rose Grand Block Cutting Instructions

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On the bottom of the Grand Block Cutting Instructions, the sku number of this fabric is wrong. The Gold Lace fabric number is 7226-RO. Prairie Rose Grand Block Yellow Vine Cutting Instructions Prairie Rose Grand Block Gold Lace Cutting Instructions  

Jo’s Little Women Grow Prairie Buds

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I’m sure many of you know that we have entirely too much fun at the Moose and with our Jo’s Little Women’s Club members in particular.To keep the good times rolling and the party going for all involved, we’ve figured out what our bonus project for our Jo’s Little Women’s Club members will be; we’re […]

Prairie Rose Diagram Correction

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The line drawing for the assembly of the grand block of Prairie Rose was incorrect; the bottom section was rotated with the star points facing outward. All of your star points should be facing inward. Below is a link to a pdf of the correct diagram. Please print and use as a reference when assembling your […]

To the Kit Cave!

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Have you ever wondered what 8,000 yards of fabric looks like? Well, here goes: Kind of scary, right? We just got the Prairie Rose fabric from Andover. Now we can start on kits for the shops doing our Block of the Month program. We are donning our capes and (quilting) utility belts, and away we […]

Prairie Roses Grow in Portland

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Today we talked about the Prairie Rose block of the month in Jo Morton’s school house. It was kind of like a really, really, big Mooseketeers. Kind of. There were a lot more people plying Vana though. Click through the pictures. It’s almost like you were there…    

The Quilts of Prairie Rose

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It’s time for the ta-da moment. We hope you love them as much as we do. Here goes! And then, because we couldn’t help ourselves after the 100″ square quilt, we designed four more patterns using the Prairie Rose fabrics! Soddy Houses 20″ x 26″ Prairie Chicken 60″ x 60″ Bringing Home the Butter 46″ […]

Why Did the Moose Get On the Plane?

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It mitre something to do with Quilt Market in Portland, of course! We are very excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on these past couple of weeks! Debbie will give details about the Prairie Rose block of the month at Jo Morton’s schoolhouse as well as show some extra goodies. More on that […]

Extra! Extra!

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So the big quilt is on the long arm, but what’s a group of Mooses to do while it’s quilted? Make more quilts of course! But you’ll have to wait and see what extras we make out of the Jo Morton Prairie Rose fabric.