Wintertide Quilt – Free Pattern

Happy Sunday Friends!

Here in eastern Nebraska we’re enjoying that snowy stretch of January that blankets our brown winter landscape with a pretty cover of white. Last weekend we had a perfect midwest snowfall. The kind that comes straight down and clings to all the branches, a Norman Rockwell kind of snow. That’s not always the case here, Friday snow was predicted, but hours of freezing drizzle came instead. We closed early at the Moose and everyone went home and stayed safe. I made a pot of soup and spent some time in my sewing room. Mr. Moose also came home early, he quickly headed to his barn to work a project or two. We enjoyed a cozy afternoon working on the things we love.

Mr. Moose has his own wonderful space for his many hobbies and I have a lovely view of it from my sewing room. It’s a win-win.

Snow flurries are happening here again today and my wintery view of Don’s barn reminds me of the little quilt I shared on Instagram before Christmas. The blacks and taupey grays are perfect for decorating in the winter months.

I received some comments and questions about my little quilt, so I thought I would share the instructions here on our blog. Maybe you’d like to make one in the same wintery colors or ‘moose it up’ using the colors you’d like for decorating a small spot in your home.


Finished Quilt Size –  16″ x 20″.

Finished Block Size – 4″.

Cutting for one block:

from light background cut 5 | 2″ squares

from light background cut 2 | 1-1/2″ squares

from dark cut 5 | 2″ squares

from dark cut 1 | 2-1/2″ square

Using the 5 light and 5 dark 2″ squares, make 10 half-triangle square units. Square these units to 1-1/2″ square.

Using the photo for placement, stitch block units together.

Make 10 Double X blocks.

Finishing your little quilt:

Cut 10 | 4-1/2″ alternate squares.

Using the photo for layout, stitch Double X blocks and alternate blocks together.

Quilt as desired and bind.  I used a single fold binding:  cut 2 strips at 1-1/4″ x wof.


Happy stitching,